CORNINGWORKS returns to Pittsburgh and The New Hazlett Theater — live and in person to premiere The Other Shoe, October 20 – 24

After a long year’s absence from the stage, CORNINGWORKS’ GLUE FACTORY PROJECT charges into its 2021 / 22 season with a powerful lineup of four provocative full-evening length original works that Artistic Director Beth Corningis calling, MOVING AHEAD WITH INTENTION.

She notes the motivation for this umbrella title came about, “During this past year of monumental world events. I came to more clearly understand, more importantly than ever, how vital it is to speak louder, to be braver, to understand how the art I make is a unique portal, specifically, as a societal voice for women. Not as a political gesture, because I’m not really interested in work that is specifically political, but I have come to understand that ALL the work I make IS ultimately an act of resistance – a way of responding to where I am/we are at a specific time, bravely and with intent.

The Other Shoe  joins CORNINGWORKS’ GLUE FACTORY PROJECT catalogue of original dance theater works, created on internationally and nationally renowned performers over the age of 45. This upcoming production is one of Corning’s most collaborative to date: written, created and performed by a pair of seasoned and opinionated female artists — choreographer/dancer Ms. Corning and famed NY actor/director/playwright Kay Cummings. This duet evening is a mix of unflinching monologues, intertwined with choreography and a seasoned dry wit — an acute, bold, and outspoken commentary on our country’s current moment in time. A paired response to the perplexing present, as well as to what the future might hold. . . a cavalcade of conflicting contemporary consciousness, metaphorically performed in black and white, “I am sitting here with a mic and some papers so I look like I have something to say and know what I’m talking about . . .” and so the ride begins.

Along with Corning’s own choreography, she invited four guest choreographers – each contributed a solo for her to perform as part of the production, which were then woven into the full-evening work. These four commissioned solos have been created by some of the dance field’s leading choreographers: Donald ByrdMartha ClarkeLi Chiao-Ping, and Max Stone – each one was only given the title of the show The Other Shoe in which to inspire their solo – each artist responding from their own perspective, their own place in the world, their own physical language—proffering a coterie of diverse voices, representing different genders, races, and life experiences. This diverse chorus of mature voices, intricately woven into the work, offers a poignantly textured and uncompromisingly provocative human commentary on these monumental times.

Developed and written over this past year, The Other Shoe is filled with the distinct perspectives, wit, and pathos voiced by these two women “of a certain age.” While originally slated to open LAST October, strategically a mere six weeks before the 2020 presidential election, COVID changed all that. Corning and Cummings used the extended socially-distanced time writing to each other—unfiltered, unedited, responses to what was unfurling around them/us. The outcome of their weekly/monthly exchanges produced a range of outrageous aggressive collisions, hilarious detours, and gentle studied overlooks – a blunt and sometimes blaring baring of souls.

Corning’s signature dry wit, poignant movement vocabulary, theatrical inventions, and seasoned point of view is augmented by a critically acclaimed group of collaborating artists including the production’s creative set designer Stephanie Mayer Staley, and lighting by CORNINGWORKS long-time collaborator, designer Iain Court.

For more information visit http://www.corningworks.org/upcoming-productions.html

Tickets are now on sale, visit www.corningworks.org

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