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  • Of Mice and Men

    I grew up on a small farm. It wasn’t an “up at the crack of dawn to milk the cows” situation, but I’ve loaded my share of hay bales into the barn. I was not a true farmer in any… Read More ›

  • Bus Stop

    Bus stops, those dreadful asylums for awkward stares and weather talk, are not a place of insight, a place of harbor, nor a place for incredibly meaningful conversation. Odd, then, that everybody seems to know everything about each other and… Read More ›

  • Parade

    Sitting down to write this review of Parade, the one word I can’t get out of my head is “injustice”. As I watched this fabulous production about a man arrested and charged for a crime he did not commit in… Read More ›

  • Tamara

    Every time I see a show presented by the Quantum Theatre I am full of compliments about how creatively they use unique spaces to set the feel for their productions. Well their current production of Tamara has taken that factor… Read More ›

  • Romance

    I find it difficult to talk about David Mamet. I’m not well-versed in his works, having read Glengarry Glen Ross in college and having trouble talking about it then. Now I’ve seen Romance and I’m still struggling to find my… Read More ›

  • Fixing King John

    “Fixing King John,” running July 18 – August 2 at Off the Wall Theater, by Kirk Lynn is a triumph in both parody and irony. This contemporary adaptation of Shakespeare’s “King John” capitalizes on vulgarity and juxtaposition in order to… Read More ›

  • The Fringe is No Joke

    Last weekend (which also happened to coincide with Mother’s Day weekend) was Pittsburgh’s very first Fringe Festival. It also happened to be my first Fringe Festival. I always knew that Fringe Festivals involved some out of the ordinary acts and… Read More ›

  • Seven Shows in Shadyside: Adventures in Fringe

                  I’m not really sure how to format this. A small group of us saw as many shows as we could within our circumstances. Here you go. The Accordion Monologues– Stephen Pellegrino began his… Read More ›

  • And the Winner Is…

    This past weekend marked the Inagural Pittsburgh Fringe Festival. With acts including movement, monologues, singing, dancing and improvisation, companies from around the country and from our neck of the woods put on shows from May 9th to the 11th. We,… Read More ›

  • TPS Report – April 28, 2014

    Here’s what you missed last week… Pantagleize at the Quantum Theatre closed on Sunday, April 27. Check out our review of it here. Lives of the Saints closed at CMU on Saturday, April 26. Alice in Wonderland at the Gemini… Read More ›