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Pittsburgh is a theater town. Our arts and culture feed our hearts and souls, drive the economy, and export talent and creativity like few places in the world. The hometown of F. Murray Abraham, Kyle Abraham, Christian Borle, Shirley Jones, Gene Kelly, Fred Kelly, Martha Graham, George S. Kaufman, Billy Porter, Gertrude Stein, Fritz Weaver, and August Wilson, and many others. Pittsburgh also is the site of two of the world’s top theater and dance university programs. Pittsburghers are the beneficiaries of world-class arts and entertainment, and that’s where the conversation starts. Like every city in America, we are reckoning with BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and abilities representation. Sharing those voices will be of paramount importance here. 

On Stage Pittsburgh’s goal is to start a lot of conversations with passion, insight, and curiosity and to listen and learn from all of you. 

Mission Statement

Connecting the diverse community of theater makers and theater goers in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

Diversity and Inclusion

On Stage Pittsburgh believes theater in all its forms is at the heart of civilization and humankind. The theater community MUST be diverse and inclusive of all human beings, without exception. On Stage Pittsburgh committed to serving as a platform representing a diverse range of voices and views on the performing arts. 


On Stage Pittsburgh is an independent organization comprised of volunteers who are passionate about theatre. Our focus is building connections and community with those who make theatre and those who go to performances.

Our History

On Stage Pittsburgh launched in September of 2021 as a rebranding of Pittsburgh in the Round led by George Hoover, a former Senior Writer and Editor at Pittsburgh in the Round and, Sharon Eberson, the former Arts and Entertainment Editor at the Pittsburgh Post- Gazette, with pro bono consultation from New Place Collaborations. Pittsburgh in the Round was founded by Mara Nodolski and Jack Lake.

Many of PitR’s active writers and reviewers have joined On Stage Pittsburgh in similar capacities, and you may read more about their expertise and experience on the site.

Conflict of Interest

On Stage Pittsburgh adheres to solid conflict of interest guidelines for our writers, reviewers, and editors to safeguard our editorial integrity. Full-time, paid or volunteer staff members of theater companies are not permitted to review productions by any companies. We welcome guest columns from individual performers (actors, singers, dancers, etc.). and members of the creative community (directors, choreographers, stage managers, etc.). Columns by guest writers will have a brief bio posted at the end of their respective essay.) 


On Stage Pittsburgh is a limited-funded organization. The structural expenses of website hosting and related fees are paid directly by our publisher, who is not affiliated with any theater company or venue. On Stage Pittsburgh does not accept funding or services from any foundation, theater company, or venue. In the future, we may receive funding from individuals and advertising from local non-theater-related companies or venues through subscriptions and/or paid advertising. 

Site Credits

Publisher – George Hoover 

Editorial Director – Sharon Eberson 

Opera Theater and Classical Music Writer / Reviewer – George Parous 

Dance Contributor– Jayne Vranish, Dance Currents 

Senior Writer / Reviewer – Bob Hoover 

Contributors and Reviewers – Laura Caton, Jade Goode, Megan Grabowski, Emily Koscinski, Jessica Neu, Tiffany Raymond 

We want to hear from you!

Contact us at: info@onstagepittsburgh.com 

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