12 Peers Theater

Stupid F*cking Bird

“Start the f*cking play!” As an audience member and a (usually) willing spectator in the events that unfold before you, there is a certain element of participation and responsibility that you must accept. You are never truly only a spectator…. Read More ›

Building the Wall

Imagine a country where the leader has decided that the people he doesn’t like should be rounded up and removed, using any means necessary. Picture millions of people in this country being held in mass prisons with sub-human standards, causing… Read More ›

Summer Preview 2018

A Letter from the Editor, Here we are again, on the cusp of Summer. This will be Pittsburgh in the Round’s 5th Summer season here in the Steel City so we truly want to thank you, our precious readers, for… Read More ›

Spring Preview 2018

A letter from the Editor, Well gang, we made it through another Pittsburgh winter. A few tires may have been sacrificed to the Goddess of Potholes but we all made it through in one piece, right? All erratic weather aside,… Read More ›

Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play

12 Peers’ production of Mr. Burns reminds me how theatre is actually a sickness: an uncontrollable urge for group chemistry to elucidate collaboration, values and to define social archetypes.   It’s a phenomenon that spans cultures for a reason; a desperate… Read More ›