Apple Hill Playhouse

Kitchen Witches

Caroline Smith’s play, Kitchen Witches, is not particularly original; in fact, it relies on the rather tired trope of women whose relationship is defined by their competition over a man. It isn’t particularly clever; all of the “twists” in the… Read More ›

Mama Won’t Fly

Apple Hill Playhouse’s latest production, Mama Won’t Fly, opened to a full house of loyal followers on Thursday. (The show had its world premiere at Stage Right in 2011.) Written by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, Jamie Wooten, the show is… Read More ›


Unless you just dropped on to Earth from another planet, it would be difficult to believe you are not familiar with Grease from the many theatrical productions or the 1978 film. But just in case, here is the skinny on… Read More ›

Steel Magnolias

M’Lynn. Truvy. Anelle. Clairee. Shelby. OUISER. For a certain generation and very distinct demographic, these are names that evoke a particularly unique upswelling of emotions and responses. Ruefulness. Kindred warmth. Uncontrollable cackling. These names are the women from the sensationally… Read More ›