Duquesne University

Dames at Sea

A boisterously brassy, flamboyantly limelight-hogging leading lady who seems to encompass every overly aggressive and ostentatious showgirl and Hollywood starlet. A winsome but chronically naïve and hopelessly swooning Midwestern girl trying to make it big with only a pair of… Read More ›

The Foreigner

I’ve been talking to friends recently about the “should people still do this show?” question. Does the show in question have a place in the climate of the world, is it still relevant and needed? I was reminded of these… Read More ›


The question of Shakespeare’s continued relevance in the modern world is an inquiry that never fully quiets. After all, so much has changed across four centuries since William Shakespeare penned Macbeth in 1606-07. However, Macbeth reminds us how strikingly little… Read More ›

The Busy Body

People, in a singular sense, can change. According to centuries of written narrative, however, people collectively tend not to. No matter the time or place in human history, we have our tropes. There is always the young couple deeply in… Read More ›