Genesius Theatre


I really wasn’t familiar with the plot of Equus before going to see it last Thursday at Duquesne University’s Genesius Theatre. I knew it had something to do with horses that would somehow call for Daniel Radcliffe to be naked… Read More ›

The Busy Body

People, in a singular sense, can change. According to centuries of written narrative, however, people collectively tend not to. No matter the time or place in human history, we have our tropes. There is always the young couple deeply in… Read More ›

Go Back for Murder

The Summer Company presents Agatha Christie’s Go Back for Murder, an unusual take on the traditional murder mystery. What could be more exciting than family secrets, intrigue, suspense, romance and seduction? The story begins as a young English woman from… Read More ›

Clue: The Musical

Clue: The Musical is an interactive musical is based on the popular board game of the same name. The plot revolves around solving the murder of Mr. Boddy at his mansion that is occupied by several possible suspects; Mrs. Peacock,… Read More ›

The Consorts

Somewhere in the second act of The Consorts, which is currently in production by The Summer Company at Duquesne University’s The Genesius Theater, I fell in love with the play. The exact moment was when Thomas Cranmer (played by John… Read More ›