Glitterbox Theatre

La Strega

Musicals and bucolic folk stories can often function to encase the bleak in baroque, to dress the macabre in diaphanous, floral cloaks, and to adorn the dire with hints of whimsy. These flourishes and framings that musicals and folk stories… Read More ›

Milo de Venus

Mimesis, inspiration, and authenticity are notions constantly scrutinized and thrown into tension when the artistic process is endeavored upon. When the artistic process grows intertwined in romantic desire and anxieties and self-deprecations that are perpetuated by a capitalistic, competitive culture,… Read More ›


Femininity is rarely allowed to exist or function outside of intentional or unintentional archetypes. Since so much of the conception of femininity coincides with the process of othering or making women into The Other, it is inevitable that femininity slides… Read More ›