McKeesport Little Theater

12 Angry Men

Few scripts are as universally lauded as Reginald Rose’s 12 Angry Men. A tense drama driven entirely by conversation, the plot follows white 12 jurors in 1950’s America who are preparing to sentence a non-white, formerly convicted criminal to death… Read More ›

Beauty and the Beast

There is a certain uncanny valley effect to the popular theatrical adaptation. The more well-oiled productions of a play there are, the less vital the story will feel. This is not to say that a heavily retold story loses its… Read More ›

Bloody Hell

[the_ad id=”2996″] I knew nothing about James Michael Shoberg’s Bloody Hell walking into the unassuming McKeesport Little Theater, nor did I understand what, exactly, Rage of the Stage was. In many ways, this blind approach to the show was not… Read More ›