Ted Takes a Bow

Last Sunday following the last performance of Ted Pappas’ masterful production of Hamlet, a group of three hundred plus fans of his gathered at the O’Reilly to celebrate his twenty-five-year tenure with the Pittsburgh Public Theater. Pappas was born in… Read More ›


The poignancy of life’s arrivals and departures resonate in Pittsburgh Public Theater’s Hamlet, the final production of Ted Pappas’s tenure as artistic director. From the opening question–”Who’s there?”–to the summoning of angels to fly the sweet prince to eternal rest,… Read More ›

The Humans

Time may march on, but there’s something immutable about the roles one regresses into during family holiday gatherings. Sibling rivalries flare, there are passive aggressive references to real or perceived slights of yesteryear, family traditions are observed, and there’s often… Read More ›

Death of a Salesman

It is hard to acknowledge something as profoundly masculine and steeped in caricatures as Arthur Miller’s milestone piece, Death of Salesman could evoke an emotionally unhinged response in me. To clarify, and to be fair, when I categorize the staple… Read More ›