Ted Pappas

Ted Takes a Bow

Last Sunday following the last performance of Ted Pappas’ masterful production of Hamlet, a group of three hundred plus fans of his gathered at the O’Reilly to celebrate his twenty-five-year tenure with the Pittsburgh Public Theater. Pappas was born in… Read More ›


Whodunnit? This question has been posed to audiences for centuries of storytelling. Whether it’s a murder mystery or a comedic caper, there’s nothing better than finding out the truth by the journey’s end. With his Tony Award-winning 1973 play, Peter… Read More ›

An Act of God

Commandment 11: Thou shalt buy tickets to this show. I wouldn’t expect God to toot His own horn, especially when he has Gabriel around to do it for Him, but He was remiss in omitting that mandate from the list… Read More ›