The Theatre Factory

Spring Preview 2019

A Letter from the Editor, Friends, we have finally staggered our way through the unforgiving winter, plagued with days of 20 hours of darkness and a massively disappointing awards shows. Yet, while the winter was mercurial and bleak, Pittsburgh in… Read More ›


Nuncrackers is a Christmas concert that takes the form of a musical (book, music, and lyrics by Dan Goggin). It takes place in the convent basement/public access studio of the Little Sisters of Hoboken, New Jersey. The nuns paid for the… Read More ›

Musical of the Month: Nuncrackers

Our musical pick for December is the Theatre Factory’s production Nuncrackers: The Nunsense Christmas Musical.   Picking a holiday musical is often a challenge for community theatres. The selection needs to be something that isn’t another company’s holiday tradition, isn’t being… Read More ›

The Mousetrap

Casting is a crucial element in the success of any production. It’s a crapshoot, and even more of a gamble in community theatre as the pool of actors is usually more limited.  Alyssa Bruno Walls, the director of the Theatre… Read More ›

Young Frankestein

If you are looking for some comedic relief from the seriousness of life then visit Trafford, Pa where The Theatre Factory has brought Young Frankenstein to life on its stage. The comedic musical with book by Mel Brooks and Thomas Meehan… Read More ›

Big Fish

There often isn’t the emotional or pragmatic space anymore to dedicate the time to storytellers and fantastically capricious tales. Deeply nostalgic in nature, plays and films and books that illuminate and glorify the fantabulous storytellers, the people who weave yarns… Read More ›

Forbidden Broadway

Forbidden Broadway is a charming musical revue that unmasks some of the magic of musical theatre by spoofing the shows, songs, and performers from the great white way. It does so out of love for the genre which, brings smiles… Read More ›


The Theatre Factory production of A.R. Gurney ‘s Sylvia is a charming and funny story of a man, his wife, and the love triangle their new dog Sylvia creates. It’s the early 1990’s, and Greg and Kate have just moved… Read More ›