Cup-a-Jo’s Unhinged2 – a preview

Buckle up, kids. You’re in for one hell of a ride as Cup-a-Jo Productions presents their second installment of Unhinged, Pittsburgh’s ONLY immersive Halloween theatre event.Unhinged2 is a delicious brew of several plays, a short film, and other frightful entertainments in the genre of horror; horror/comedy, sci-fi, paranormal, and generally something very, very scary.

This year’s plays, frightful playwrights and individuals identified as under suspicion for the attempted direction of a horror play and therefore contributing to the insanity include:

  • Tell-Tale Alexa by Kim Z Dale directed by Joanna Lowe
  • Melania’s Heart by Matt Henderson directed by Mara Nadolski
  • Skeletons of Ambrose House written and directed by Liz Tripoli
  • Happy Accident by Gayle Pazerski directed by Val Gasior
  • Mistress M adapted from Shakespeare’s Macbeth by Everett Lowe directed by Joanna Lowe

The scary people “acting” under their “spooky direction” include Lacy Brooks, Chris Collier, Matt Henderson, Gwen Vickinovac, Joanna Lowe, Bridget Yeager, Bre Brown, Zilda Alvez, Erika Krenn, Samantha Smith, and Liz Tripoli.

All have been reported to be “truly a bunch of weirdos!” If that’s not frightful enough, some of these people may actually be attempting to direct themselves. Oh, the horror of it all!

This year Unhinged2 will scare the crap out of you at the Aftershock Theatre in Upper Lawrenceville. The hauntingly gorgeous theatre space comes complete with more than a few of its very own ghosts.

Further details regarding Unhinged2  its plots and storylines are sequestered, possibly locked in the Cup-a-Jo freezer along with extra blood and body parts, so you will just have to be surprised when you get there! There are however very clever series of preview videos on the Cup-a-Jo Productions’ Facebook page devised by local filmmaker Vincent Santis.

Cup-A-Jo Productions has been an ever evolving and innovative artistic cadre of theatrical adventures over the years. Unhinged2, aka The Spawn of Unhinged, continues the tradition and is produced by Ken Kerr with Cup-a-Jo’s Artistic Director, Joanna Lowe at the helm. Lowe indicates that “several members of our [theatrical] team have had years of experience in the haunt business, and we all feel we’re offering the best of both worlds.” Cup-a-Jo has been involved with Pittsburgh Fringe since its launch year in 2014. “We are thrilled to be partnered with and support another entity which purports theatre in progress, non-traditionally, and only with limits of the imagination.”

Unhinged2’s journey through haunts and horrors, dead ends and deadbeats runs October 26th to 28th plus October 31st and November 2nd Prepare yourself for anything to go terribly wrong by securing tickets ($17 in advance or $20 at the door) via E-mail at contact@cupajoproductions.com or call the box office at 412-506-0959 or check out their Facebook page.

Moderately scary legal stuff: Seating is limited.  ALL AUDIENCE MEMBERS will be required to sign a liability waiver before entering the Unhinged experience. Warning: Mature content. Recommended 18+, minors accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Unfortunately, this space is NOT yet handicap accessible.

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