Yinz Like Folklore?: “Mythburgh Chapter 3” by 12 Peers Theatre


12 Peers Theater’s latest installment of Mythburgh took place on April 10 at brillobox in Lawrenceville. Mythburgh is a monthly series of short plays that revolve around the creepy, weird, and unique stories of Pittsburgh. I attended Season 3: Episode 1, which featured two plays written by Pittsburgh natives, Sara Ashley Fisher and Matt Henderson.

I have to say, I didn’t quite know what to expect going into this. Taking place in an actual bar, it’s definitely an unconventional setting for a theatrical performance. However, they use the space to their advantage and it makes for an intimate, unique experience. The actors perform throughout the crowd, so the audience is up close and personal to all the action. It’s like a very interesting game of people watching, one where you get constantly shamed by the actors for watching and listening to their intimate conversations.

The first play was Yinzer Scared by Sara Ashely Fisher. One of the bartenders discusses with an unusual patron their love for Netflix and spooky, ghost-y type programs. The bartender brings up that she and her friend want to create a new online ghost investigation show called, “Yinzer Scared” (said like “Just Jack” a la Will and Grace). The patron is very interested, and expresses her interest to join their team. She then admits to being the ghost who up until recently haunted the Pittsburgh Playhouse, and has a few Pittsburgh ghost friends (like the ghost who haunts the Nationality Rooms of the Cathedral of Learning) who would be glad to help them out with their endeavors. The three ladies decide to team up and make Yinzer Scared a reality. I found Yinzer Scared to be very enjoyable, and think the ladies brought a lot of energy to it that made this play very fun to watch.


The second play of the evening was Ogua vs. the Tunnel Monster: Dawn of Destruction by Matt Henderson. I had the pleasure of participating in one of Matt’s first plays years ago during our Stage Right! days, so I knew I was in for a fun ride. The play starts out with a woman waiting impatiently for her friend, who ends up arriving late. Even though she left five hours early. The late friend is visibly upset and disturbed by an experiment she was conducting on a strange creature found in the rivers of Pittsburgh. The other friend however only wants to discuss the true horrors every Pittsburgher knows all too well: traffic, never ending construction, and parking. As the suspense builds over talk of Pittsburgh urban legends like the dreaded tunnel and river monsters, the play ends with both girls realizing they are turning into monsters themselves. A monster battle ensues (costumes included), leaving the bartenders to break up the fight the only way they know how: reminded everyone parking is most definitely not free on Penn Ave after 6pm. This play was a great way to end the night. It had a ton of laughs and was very relatable to any Pittsburgher who has ever had the pleasure of driving downtown.

Mythburgh is a fun night of theater, and I definitely recommend checking it out for anyone interested in a unique theatrical experience.

The next installments of Mythburgh take place at brillobox on April 14, October 13, and November 10. Note: Mythburgh is a 21 and over event.


Jade Goodes is a graduate of Penn Sate University where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English. While attending Penn State she became the Managing Editor for the school’s literary & arts magazine, Absence. Jade has been involved with the Pittsburgh theater community since elementary school, and has performed in many productions over the years. In her free time she enjoys reading and attending all the concerts she can.

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