A Lively Evening at “The Drowsy Chaperone”

To kick off their 71st season, the Little Lake Theatre brings to the stage The Drowsy Chaperone. This show is about a man enjoying his favorite record of a fictional cast recording from a 1928 musical. As he begins the record, he sweeps the audience into his envisions of the musical. The musical takes place on the eve of two lover’s wedding day and their ambitions to get married. All while following the best man, a determined theatre producer, a thoughtless hostess, two gangsters pretending to be pastry chefs, an ill-advised lady’s man, and a very intoxicated chaperone. The audience will be rolling out of their seats in laughter

Delana Flowers, Tracey Parsons, Mairead Roddy, Jared Macerelli and Christian Jones in The Drowsy Chaperone 

from this production!


As an addition to the new season, Little Lake introduced a hearing loop. The hearing loop allows someone with telecoil (or T-Coil) equipped hearing aids or cochlear implants to listen to the performance through their devices via platforms with flat wires taped on that serve as the loop. Little Lake also offers external headsets on loan for free if anyone is unsure on how to use the hearing loop. Patrons can get an external headset and have questions answered about the hearing loop at the theatre’s box office before the show.

From the beginning, Greg Caridi, who played the man in the chair, began the show with such laughter from the audience. He hit the comedic cues

Greg Caridi as the Man in Chair

on time and with the right tone of voice. Caridi showed the man’s excitement for this record precisely right.

The chemistry between the drowsy chaperone and Adolpho in “Adolpho” was filled with intensity! It was hilarious watching Dewayne Curry, who played Adolpho, strut around the stage as he sang about seduction. All while Meighan Lloyd Harding, the drowsy chaperone, was ready to say Adolpho’s name over and over again. Both actors exuded great voices while singing, and acted accordingly to their roles.

As a warning, The Drowsy Chaperone does make a few inappropriate comments throughout the show. I would suggest that parents do not bring young kids due to some of these innuendoes.

Another great duo was Mrs. Tottendale, played by Patricia Cena Fuchel, and the underling, performed by Warren Ashburn. The two actors were inseparable onstage, and worked very well with each other throughout the show. A memorable part of their pairing was when they two repeatedly do the comedic spit take.

Mairead A. Roddy, who played Janet Van De Graaff, did amazingly as an ex-showgirl that still has the heart of one. Her voice filled the theatre as she belted out “Show Off.” Roddy used her mannerisms well as she continuously let the audience know that Janet must always be a showgirl.

Mairead Roddy and Colin Burns


Another fantastic show girl was Carina Iannarelli, as Kitty. Kitty is also a showgirl but doesn’t perform as much in shows and is more in the background. Yet Kitty is always looking for a new act for her to be the star. Iannarelli showed Kitty’s determination to be the leading lady in her own special way. She did excellently acting as a ditzy performer with interesting dance moves.


Photography Credit: Carina Iannarelli

You can see The Drowsy Chaperone at the Little Lake Theatre in Canonsburg. Tickets are $19.00-$20.50 for adults and $12 for children and can be purchased online.


Emily Koscinski is a recent graduate from Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School. Along with Pittsburgh in the Round her articles have been featured in Midland Today, Beaver County Times, Observer-Reporter, and on the Lincoln Park website. Emily also has her own photography business where her photos have been shown at Robert Morris University and on the Lincoln Park website.

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