A “Blithe Spirit” Haunts Little Lake Theater

Noel Coward’s Blithe Spirit haunts Little Lake Theatre for the Halloween season! Charles Condomine is in the midst of writing a novel when he decides to invite the “happy medium” Madame Arcati to do a séance in order to study the trickery of the trade. But then things take a wrong turn when Charles’ late first wife, Elvira, comes through and revisits him in her ghostly form. The two bicker constantly leading Charles’ second wife, Ruth, to believe him to be insane. That is until she unexpectedly passes away and joins Elvira in her spiritual torture. This play will have the audience and those beyond laughing at the ill-fated Charles in Blithe Spirit.

Charles Condomine, played by Eric Leslie, had the audience believing he had actually seen a ghost! When the spirit of Elvira first appeared on stage, Charles looked so utterly shocked at the apparition of his ex-wife. Leslie’s acting of fright and shock could be felt when Charles discovered Elvira was back to visit him from beyond. His English accent was also spot on and stayed consistent throughout the entirety of the show.

There were a couple of actors whose English accent wasn’t there or didn’t stay consistent through the play. By having all of the actors keep up with the accent, it would have kept the ambiance in check to allow the audience to believe they were in 1937 England.

The technical crew made the atmosphere feel spooky with the sound effects and lighting! When the dead was provoked, the lights would flicker and the sound of tables shaking violently could be heard. Even when the ghosts of the ex-wives appeared, they made it seem as though a gust of chilly air swept into the room. This experience heightened the eerie mood as if there was a presence in the theater.

(L to R) Stacey Rosleck as Ruth, Eric Leslie as Charles, and Rebecca MacTaggart as Elvira

Ruth, played by Stacey Rosleck, and Elvira, played by Rebecca MacTaggart, had remarkable chemistry together on-stage as they bickered about their husband and being dead. It was comical watching Rosleck look and speak in any direction where MacTaggart wasn’t when Ruth thought she was speaking to Elvira (whom only Charles could see and hear). Both

Ina Block as Madame Arcati

actresses kept a steady accent throughout the play and was coherent.

Ina Block, who played Madame Arcati, was a ball of energy acting as this medium! Block made the character ecstatic, and made coming into contact with those who passed almost

seem fun. She brought Madame Arcati to life with the energy she brought forth in all of the scenes.

Blithe Spirit runs at Little Lake Theater through Nov. 2–for tickets and further information, visit their homepage.

(Little Lake Theatre does recommend viewers be ten years old or older due to some suggestive language used throughout the show.)


Photo credit Carina Iannarelli


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