A Quick Look at RealTime Interventions 2021/22 Season

RealTime is thrilled to announce their 2021-2022 season! Featuring the brand-new performance series coming this November: RealTime’s People of Pittsburgh, a series of seasonal “theatrical portraits” celebrating the personalities, lived experiences and personal histories of everyday Pittsburghers!

Created by local artists (theater, visual, musical, dance, game-design– you name it!) working in collaboration, each creative team will bring a unique vision to their expression of a unique human being in a unique Pittsburgh-area neighborhood.

Each piece will be wildly different, but the theme will be the same: that everyone, if you look deeply, is a fascinating, complex work of art.

RealTime explores the nooks and crannies of Pittsburgh and count down to their first show in the fall!

The first show in the series will be November 4 – 7 and 11 to 14, live and in-person at a special location to be announced!

Followed by the remaining seasons of People of Pittsburgh: Winter (February 2022), Spring (May 2022), Summer (August 2022)

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