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From the perspective of Broadway producer Ken Davenport….

1- Why We Have a Broadway Labor Shortage Right now..

Broadway is a risky business.

For everyone.

Not just authors and actors who are waiting for their big break or Producers and Investors hoping to find a hit, but for our vendors too.

It costs a lot of money to run an ad agency. It costs a lot of money to run a GM office or accounting company, law firm, scene shop, etc.

And since there are only 41 Broadway theaters, there is only so much business to spread around.

THAT’s why we have so few vendors on Broadway. 3-4 ad agencies who handle all the Broadway work. 2-3 accounting firms. Etc. Etc.

Because there just aren’t enough shows/theaters to keep more of them in business. (Which also creates a lack of competition issue – but that’s for another blog.)

Somehow, with just a few vendors for each specialty, the industry survives . . . because the work is spread out over the year. Shows open and close at different times. Sure, maybe there is an upswing of new shows opening in the fall, but never do all the shows open at once.

Until now.

The lights of Broadway are all being flipped on at the same time.

Sure, there’s a staggering of the shows reopening . . . but for the most part, this business just went from zero to 100 in no seconds flat.

And it’s one of the most exciting things I’ve ever seen.

Which is making it one of the busiest times I’ve ever seen . . . and ever will see.

But it’s causing a labor shortage . . . different than the one affecting the rest of the country.

You see, there were never enough vendors and people to operate all the shows and all the theaters . . . never mind all the National Tours (that use the same creative teams as Broadway by the way) . . . never mind a whole slew of readings, workshops and everything else that everyone has been waiting to do

What does this mean?

Well, if you’re working on something right now, it might take a bit longer for things to get done, since your vendor is probably working on 12 things rather than the 7 they are used to.

But more importantly, it also means there are more opportunities for those looking to work for one of those vendors, or even BECOME a vendor.

If that’s you, get to work today . . . because there is more work to get.

2 – How to be an Antiracist TheaterMaker

As we move into this theatrical renaissance, it’s up to each and every one of us to come back better. Take a look at American Theatre’s guide from theatermakers across the country for what you need to be doing to help move us forward. 

Read more: www.variety.com 

3 – ART/NY Grant Program

NYC theatermakers – make sure you check out this opportunity from A.R.T. In the midst of rebuilding, it’s important to know that support is still available. Not in NYC? Share this post to get the word out. 

Read more: www.broadwayworld.com 

4 – Terrence McNally Celebration

After over a year, a much needed celebration for one of our industry’s greatest. Check out details below for how YOU can attend the celebration of Terrence McNally’s life. 

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5 – LaChanze and Trouble In Mind

If you thought the last 18 months were a long time to wait for live theater. . . take an inspiring look from LaChanze at one of the theater’s most invaluable aspects – timing. Then make sure to get yourself a ticket to Trouble in Mind (there’s even discounted tickets available for every performance!).

Read more: www.bloombergquint.com  

6 – BCEFA Suspends Red Buckets

A sad but real life example of what our new normal looks like right now. The iconic red buckets from BCEFA will not return to Broadway until next spring. Since we won’t be seeing those familiar smiling faces after shows until the spring, consider donating directly to BCEFA here

Read more: www.playbill.com 

Fun on a Friday: 

New Broadway musical anyone? Take a first look inside Broadway’s Flying Over Sunset, which is set to premiere next month.

Want to be part of an online community of theatermakers? Join 1.8k+ producers, writers, actors, directors, and more here. Best part? It’s completely free.

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