Kelly Strayhorn Theater’s Alloy Studios, Kamratōn will premiere ‘The Strange Child’

This June 17-18 at The Kelly Strayhorn Theater’s Alloy Studios, Kamratōn will premiere The Strange Child, a new opera by composer Julia Werntz with Kamratōn, Quince Ensemble, Robert Frankenberry, and Eugene Perry. It premieres under the musical direction of Daniel Nesta Curtis and the stage direction/choreography of Shana Simmons.

The Strange Child takes place in a bucolic village, where the lives of siblings Christlieb and Felix are upended by the arrival of two strangers: a cruel tutor named Master Inkblot, and a mysterious sprite who lives in the woods. Weird and magical happenings culminate in a violent struggle in which imagination itself is at stake. ​

You can purchase your tickets for the show here. If you can’t make it in person, you can view the live stream of the show Saturday, June 18 here

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