Alumni Theater Company Names New Executive Director

Six months ago, Hallie Donner announced her intention to transition away from Alumni’s Executive Director role at ATC so she could focus on the artistic side of the company.

After an extensive search, it turned out that the perfect candidate was already a member of the ATC family. Bridgette Perdue, ATC’s music director for the past 11 years, will take over as the full-time Executive Director on September 26, 2022

Bridgette Perdue

Perdue brings her expertise in advocacy, community engagement, and collaboration, which will serve to fulfill ATC’s mission to center Black voices and amplify their impact on Pittsburgh and the region.

Perdue graduated from Point Park University in 2006 with a dual degree in Music Theater Arts and Business Management in the Arts. For over 15 years, as a Teaching Artist and Consultant, she has served her community by fostering the artistic gifts of children across the city. As a Project Manager for several arts initiatives, Perdue designed curriculum, trained talent, allocated funding, and galvanized her network in support of delivering impactful art.

“Known for her charismatic leadership and collaborative approach, she has cultivated long-standing relationships with arts and nonprofit organizations. Her knowledge of both the arts and educational sectors positions her to lead ATC’s next chapter in its aim to be recognized as the premier institution for identifying, developing, and training young Black performers in the region,” said Donner.

For more information on ATC visit: https://www.alumnitheatercompany.org

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