ICYMI: Prime Stage Theatre Announced New Children’s Theater Programming For Elementary Aged Children and Their Families

Prime Stage has announced they are expanding their program offerings to include Prime Stage Sprouts bringing literature to life for elementary students and their families, inspiring their imaginations and fostering a love of reading with the joy of live theatre.

“As the former director of Pittsburgh Playhouse Jr., I saw how theatre impacts the lives of children and families. With our new program called Sprouts, Prime Stage is delighted to expand its seasons by presenting plays that will entertain and inspire children and families as they discover the impact and delight of live theater that is designed for them,” said Wayne BrindaPrime Stage Theatre, Producing Artistic Director.

Prime Stage Sprouts productions will be available for children as young as 5. When children are introduced to the theater early on, there is a better chance they will develop a love for theater, develop creative gifts and maintain a lifelong appreciation for the performing arts. Children’s theater offers a wide range of thought-provoking plays based on favorite books. With Prime Stage Sprouts, parents and children will have more opportunities to attend live theatre as members of an audience. Theater also connects to the importance of reading. A play can make a story jump out of a book and bring it to life. This can be very important for young readers. Plays ignite the imagination and lengthen attention span. 

“Prime Stage Sprouts is an exciting new endeavor for us. We have done wonderful shows on literature for middle school, high school, and adults, but to foster literacy, you need to focus on them early on. And that is what we want to do, spark the love of reading books through theatre,” said Tina Marie Cerny, Managing Director.

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