Throughline Theatre Company’s Steel City Spotlight Presents ‘Teaira Whitehead’ October 17th, 2022

Throughline Theatre Company presents a staged reading of a new play for their Steel City Spotlight written by Melannie Taylor. Teaira Whitehead follows three best friends who find out that the schools in their city are integrating, but that’s the least of their problems. After Diamond goes missing, Rose and Sunny make it their mission to scour the neighborhood to make sure she makes it home alive, finding more than just Diamond in Riverview Park. This is the story of finding yourself while being blinded by a sea of red and blue lights.

Melannie also shared some thoughts with us about her inspiration in writing the play, as well as her wishes for the upcoming performance:

“This play is an expression of my childhood experience growing up on the Northside of Pittsburgh. One thing I hope the audience takes away is the importance to invest in the mental health of black children when experiencing school merges as the result of school closures due to gentrification. Teaira Whitehead’s death and the way the police handled it by refusing to investigate her murder, has impacted black children’s safety in the city of Pittsburgh.

One thing I’m excited about for this performance is seeing how the woods become alive and interact with the characters. How do you physically fight battles that exist in your mind?”

For more information on Teaira Whitehead, or Throughline’s season, visit: http://www.throughlinetheatre.org

Tickets at https://www.showclix.com/event/teairawhitehead.

PLEASE NOTE – Covid-19 Protocol: At this time ALL PATRONS will be required to show proof of vaccination and wear a mask through the duration of the performances.

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