Preview: Pittsburgh Public Theater’s production of the Tony Awarded-Winning classic. ‘A Raisin In The Sun’ 

Previews begin October 12th through the 14th, with tickets discounted 30%.

Pittsburgh Public Theater’s first full season since 2019 begins with this Tony Award-winning classic, A Raisin in the Sun, set in 1950s Chicago. The show tells the story of a tight-knit family living in a small apartment who receives a large sum of money. Each has an idea for how it can change their lives, but whose dream might become a reality?

Lorraine Hansberry was only twenty-eight years old when she became the first Black woman produced on Broadway with her groundbreaking drama about the Youngers, a tight-knit family living in a small apartment in 1950s Chicago, who receive a large life insurance payment after the death of their patriarch Big Walter. They each have a dream for the money — adult son Walter sees this as his one chance to go into business and become self-sufficient; his sister Beneatha dreams of becoming a doctor and hopes the money can help pay for medical school; and just as she tends to the resilient, tiny plant struggling for sunlight on her windowsill, Mama hopes to use the money to find a new home with a little space where her grandson Travis can play in the Sun. In its Pittsburgh Public debut, Hansberry’s American masterpiece continues to resonate through our shared history as a testament to love in the face of challenge and daring in the wake of dreams deferred.

Directed by Timothy McCuen The cast features Tose Adewumi, Hope Anthony, Ken Bolden, E.Faye Butler, Ty Gilliam, Kevis Hillocks, Leslie Howard, Samual S Lothard, Richard McBride, Rico Parker, Brenden Peifer, Brian Starks, Dedra D Woods, Tracey D. Turner, and Shannon Arielle Williams.

The Public’s production of A Raisin in the Sun runs through Sunday, October 30th, 2022, at the O’Reilly Theater.

For tickets visit: https://trustarts.org/production/78751/list_performances

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