Pittsburgh writer, playwright, and director Michael McGovern’s new book ‘Blood Ending: A Vampire Novel’ releases this Thursday, November 10, 2022

The novel melds the elements of gothic horror, alchemy, sex magic, and science, conjuring a pulse-pounding vampiric adventure.

This isn’t your ‘tween’s horror story. McGovern says, “I’ve written Blood Ending for those who can’t get enough of vampires, but I’ve aimed to create a journey with distinctive, fresh characters in a wide range of settings and eras.”

The novel chronicles the rise of master vampire Severin, his trinity of female vampires, and the obsessed love-sick alchemist Praetorious Biederbeck. As one century ends and a new one heads toward devastating war, they find that the “old ways” are no longer viable. The lure of sex and blood now competes with the lure of science. Assisted by the doomed vampire bride Justine, Biederbeck chases after Severin and the Trinity through the decades. And what a chase it is! from an ancient school of black magic to the slave auction block in Syria. From the decadent vampire society of old Vienna to Berlin’s 1920s cabaret scene, a fetish club in London, the fires of Dresden, and ending in the streets of New York.

Inspired by the long-lived vampires of Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula, the Gothic horror of Hammer Film Productions, and the ongoing reinvention of the genre, McGovern jumped into the genre. The playwright-director, applying his theatrical sensibilities, says his love for dialogue informed the fast pace of the story he weaves through the centuries. 

McGovern’s writing has long been heard from the stage in New York and in Pittsburgh at Bricolage, the Pittsburgh Playhouse, Prime Stage, the Edgar Allan Poe Theatre, and Rage of Stage Players. “Like theater audiences, readers can summon their imaginations to create their own experience of the story. Those experiences are different for each person. I hope my readers will enjoy getting swept into the action–and hang on for the ride!”

McGovern and Heather Ruppert will read excerpts from this tale of vampires who, over decades, are marked by world events, technological advances, and the eternal lure of power and blood at the book’s launch event this Thursday at The Pittsburgh Savoyards Studio Space, 523 Lincoln Avenue in Bellevue. Doors open for a wine and cheese reception at 7:30 pm, and the reading is at 8 pm, followed by a Q&A with McGovern.

Copies of the book will also be on sale for $20 cash or check only. Guests who have a pre-release copy may have it signed. Online orders may be placed starting November 10 at Black Rose Writing or on Amazon, where a Kindle version is offered. 

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