Pittsburgh Public Theater’s New Theater For All Program

Last fall, Pittsburgh Public Theater expanded and elevated its engagement offerings by welcoming theater artist and activist McClarin as the company’s first Engagement Manager. 

Jalin McClarin joins Pittsburgh’s flagship regional theater, helps launch a free ticket initiative to increase exposure to the arts.

“Over the last several years, The Public has prioritized developing partnerships with civic and creative communities, and we are so lucky to have a dedicated position to steward these partnerships in a more sustainable and meaningful way,” Director of Education and Engagement Parag S. Gohel said. “Jalina’s activism, deep community engagement, and work on and off the stage make her an ideal addition to our team.”

In alignment with McClarin’s guiding value of “solidarity rather than charity,” Pittsburgh Public Theater has announced its new Theater For All initiative; free tickets will be available for every 2023 Season 48 mainstage production. 

 No prerequisites or agency relationships are required to access free tickets through Theater For All, and tickets claimed through the program are indistinguishable from full-price ones.

Free tickets through Theater For All will be released approximately four weeks before the opening date of each show during Free For All periods and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Tickets can be claimed using a promotional code available online at www.ppt.org, in person at the O’Reilly Theater Box Office, or via phone at 412.316.1600. 

The Free For All date for the Public’s upcoming production of  Steel Magnolias is Tuesday, Feb. 21, 10 am – 2 pm, when the Public will release the promotional code for free Theater For All tickets. 

Jalin McClarin
Public Theatre photo

“Theater For All is an exciting shift in engagement efforts that the theater industry has needed for a while,” McClarin said. “No longer will we decide who can afford a ticket or who deserves or would benefit from a free ticket. Instead, we invite anyone who experiences any barrier, financial or otherwise, to claim tickets to any show produced at The Public.”

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