Preview: Corning Works’ – the fisherman, the butterfly, eve & her lover — a parable

Corningworks presents the next installment of the Glue Factory Project,  the fisherman, the butterfly, eve & her lover — a parable. This is the twenty-fifth in the award-winning series of original evening-length dance theater works created on internationally & nationally critically acclaimed performers over 40

The experiential, sensual, visceral, multi-disciplined dance theater production is specifically created for and performed in City Theatre’s intimately-sized Lillie Theatre. Sitting nearly on the stage proffers a reminder to the audience that they are part of this performance world, not just spectators. 

Choreographer Beth Corning, known for her mature, socially aware approach to tackling current and provocative subject matter, chooses, with this newest production, to address the ever-growing devastation of climate change — delving into the questions of consumption, globalization, and the world’s developing ecological crisis. 

“Consumption, globalization & the world’s developing ecological crisis…in a place not far from here… four eccentric characters are launched, along with the audience, onto a marooned shore… think 3.5 tons of sand.”  Beth Corning

Considering the extraordinary scope of climate change and its unraveling around the globe, how much do our little, individual, personal efforts really matter? Do they make ANY difference at all? And if we choose not to make changes, are we just burying our heads in the sand? What will our world literally look like in the future? 

“Water, water, everywhere…Nor any drop to drink” (from RIMES OF AN ANCIENT MARINER) 

Corning, along with her collaborative design team (lighting designer Iain Court, set designer Stephanie Mayer Staley and projection designer Joe Spinogatti) and a stellar group of critically-acclaimed, seasoned performers wrestle with these ever-mounting questions. 

 the fisherman, the butterfly, eve & her lover — a parable features:

  • Nathan Keepers, as the “fisherman” — former company member of Academy Award-winning Theatre de la Jeune Lune, and currently the producing artistic director, creator, actor/author of THE MOVING COMPANY— based in Minneapolis
  • Evan Fisk, as the “lover” — dancer /actor known for his portrayal of Macbeth in PunchDrunk’s long-running Sleep No More, and a current member of Brian Brooks Moving Company NYC.
  • Jillian Hollis, as “eve” — principal dancer and rehearsal director for Heidi Latsky Dance NYC and last seen in Corningworks’ March 2022 production of HAPPILY EVER AFTER) 

With her signature sardonic insight and biting humor, Corning bares our human pathos via lush movement and surprising theatrical inventions. 

As Corning says: “I just want to get people thinking. I never pose any direct answers or solutions – I rarely have any myself, I too am searching. Mostly I aim to creatively bring a particular issue to the table, 

to make those things that are uncomfortable a bit more tangible, a bit more relatable, a bit more personal, and maybe make it not so easily pushed aside.” 

CORNINGWORKS presents The Glue Factory Projects’ the fisherman, the butterfly, eve & her lover — a parable from April 15 – 23, 2023 at City Theatre’s Lillie Theatre. Tickets on saled at City Theastre’s Box office 412 – 431 – CITY (2489) or at
www. corningworks.org

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  1. Congratulations Beth Corning…best wishes from Michael Mao in Vienna

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