Alumni Theater Company’s Professional Ensemble Debuts Their Original Works

Opening May 19, ATC’s New Works Showcase 2023 presents the of multidisciplinary work created by five of ATC’s Professional Ensemble members.

Shae Wofford’s Cycling‘ is a new musical she wrote and directed. In this musical dramedy, Chase and Jordan find themselves struggling through toxic relationships, thoughts of suicide and self-harm, and the never-ending search for self-acceptance. An excerpt of this show was presented at New Works Showcase 2020, so audience members will enjoy diving back into the drama-filled lives of these complex characters. 

Nimbus is a one-woman show directed and written by Mysheree Key (aka LMAS), that speaks on autophobia (the extreme fear of being alone), mental health, and drugs. This mixed media piece combines original music, spoken word, and video to tell a dark tale of an aspiring artist in the music industry. 

Connections, conceived and choreographed by Elan Oliver, is a dance show about how we create a genuine connection through creating artistic work. This piece will make you feel without one word being spoken. Oliver shared, “Whether that’s romantic relationships, friendships, or any other relationship, that’s the beauty of being an artist. You never know what type of ships you’ll sail with others if the connection is present.”

The evening also features hip-hop recording artists Manny Walker aka “Brothamans,” and James Perry, aka “Lamest Rapper.” These ATC members deliver high-energy musical performances featuring songs from their latest album.

 ATC’s New Works Showcase 2023 has performances at the ATC Studio, 6601 Hamilton Avenue, on May 19-21, 2023, at 7 pm. Appropriate for Ages 15+ due to profanity and mature topics. Children under ten will not be admitted. For more information and tickets, visit: https://www.alumnitheatercompany.org/tickets

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