ICYMI: Pittsburgh Cultural Trust Announced the 2023/2024 Liberty Magic Season

Liberty Magic offers a one-of-a-kind theatrical experience by hosting magicians year-round to perform in the intimate 66-seat speakeasy theater. From impossibly funny moments to dark and off kilter magic, to record breaking and revolutionary sleight of hand, each magician offers a new experience. Live shows Wednesday – Sunday.

Single show tickets are on sale now.

2023-2024 Liberty Magic Season Shows

Alba in Conexiones

Alba in Conexiones | Wednesday, September 6 – Sunday, October 1, 2023

Conexiones (Spanish for ‘connections’) stars international superstar Alba, as she introduces us to the Buenos Aires philosophy of magic: “The magic you are experiencing right now, at this moment, has never happened before and will never be repeated.” More than just a magic show, this is a unique experience that comes from the exploration of magical moments between Alba and the audience. Conexiones creates a wonderful gathering place filled with unusual stories, unexpected endings, prestidigitation, and more questions than answers. It will open doors to connections that we didn’t know existed. It’s an adventure in amazement and self-discovery, filled with laughs and emotions … just like life itself! Performed entirely in English.

Shoot Ogawa in HOLY SHOOT

Shoot Ogawa in HOLY SHOOT | Wednesday, Oct 4 – Sunday, Oct 22, 2023

Shoot Ogawa’s full evening performance, Holy Shoot, is unlike anything you can imagine. Challenging your preconceived notions of what a “magic show” might be, Shoot Ogawa explores the desire of today’s audiences to experience something different- impactful magic of a type that they have never seen before. His magic props are simple: rope, cards, handkerchiefs, coins, and the like… but what he does with them leaves his audience spellbound. His unique humor has the audiences rolling in the aisles in between bouts of amazement. His unique combinations of magical methods and mastery over nearly every trick in the book make him one of magic’s most sought after performers. The current FISM Parlour International Champion of Magic is flawless and one-of-a-kind.  Penn of Penn & Teller: Fool Us calls Shoot, “The greatest living sleight-of-hand-artist of our time.”  

Shoot Ogawa is the resident star of The Magical Mystery Show! at the Hilton Waikiki Beach Hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii.SHOOT OGAWA was born in Tokyo, Japan, where he discovered his love for magic at the age of 10. By the time he was 17, he had traveled to the United States and won the First-Place award for Stage Magic at the St. Louis Magic Jubilee. That was the start of a long list of prizes and accolades that Shoot has earned while developing his art and visiting over 40 countries around the world.

Michael Misko in I Laugh in the Face of Magic!

Michael Misko in I Laugh in the Face of Magic! | Wednesday, December 6 – Sunday , January 14, 2024

Once described as “the Zach Galifianakis of magic,” Michael’s greatest asset is the ability to combine comedy and sleight-of-hand technique to form an evening of pee-in-your-pants entertainment… or so he was told by one little old lady. After seeing his show, renowned stand-up comic Brian Regan said, “I love the part where you harpooned the guy in the chest!” In 2015, Michael was hand-picked to create the role of the “Magic Maker” in the World Premiere of Stephen Schwartz’s Magic to Do, and can be heard on the Original Cast Album, available on iTunes, Amazon, or Spotify. Currently, Michael is a highly sought after consultant for Fortune 500 Companies, as he helps connect them with their employees and clients in an astonishing and memorable way. Some of his clients include Workday, Carnival Corporation, CBS, bioMérieux, and UPMC Health Systems. Additionally, Michael performs on cruise ships, at universities, comedy clubs, and private functions all across the world. He lives in Pittsburgh, PA with his beautiful wife, Sarah, their perfect daughters, Rosalind and Sloane, and scruffy Double Doodle, Aurora.

William Watt in The Hidden Show

William Watt in The Hidden Show  | Wednesday, February 7 – Sunday, March 3, 2024

William Watt is a new generation of magician and mentalist with a unique blend of elegance, humor, and quirky and bold charm.
His upbringing in France is bookmarked with fantastical memories of magical moments shared with his mother. After completing his studies in communication and marketing at the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIP), a short stint at a startup company in the Paris Business District, and a happenstance crossing of paths with magician, Lionel Martin, William made the decision to ditch the life of a French businessman to become a professional magician.

Shawn Farquhar in Déjà Vu - An experience to remember

Shawn Farquhar in Déjà Vu – An experience to remember | Wednesday, March 6 – Sunday, March 17, 2024

Shawn Farquhar has been entertaining audiences around the globe for over two decades. His magic has been seen on Television shows like the X-Files and Highlander, in Motion Pictures like Spooky House and the Fly II, for corporate clients like IBM and Konica, and on the most luxurious cruise vessels such as Norwegian Star, Radiance of the Seas, and the Disney Fantasy.What sets him apart from every other “rabbit pulling” magic act? Just that! He’s not some rabbit pulling magic act. In fact, he has been described as having “connected the skills of his talent with the passion in his heart”.

Shawn offers a show that involves the audience in an experience of magic and comedy that is unparalleled.Shawn offers a fast paced, audience participation experience that will draw everyone into an evening of entertainment you will not soon forget. As a two-time world champion of magic, Shawn knows the right blend of magic and comedy to make you have fun.

After all,…it’s his job!Shawn presents his newest magic venture, Déjà Vu: An Experience to Remember, as part of Liberty Magic’s 2023-2024 season. It will be a “choose your own adventure” program in which various lucky members of the audience will guide the direction of the show. No two shows will ever be the same during his residency at Liberty Magic.

Naathan Phan & Robert Ramirez in Magic To Duo: an evening of song and conjuring

Naathan Phan & Robert Ramirez in Magic To Duo: an evening of song and conjuring

Wednesday, April 3 – Sunday, May 12, 2024

What makes Naathan Phan different from other entertainers? He combines his passions for magic, singing, stand-up, vocal mimicry, writing, acting, classic cocktails, suits, and more into one unforgettable experience. Add to that his sincerity, high energy, and natural +10 to charisma and it’s easy to see why he’s been featured on America’s Got TalentThe Hollywood Christmas Parade, Wizard Wars, Don’t Blink, Superbad, Penn & Teller: Fool Us, and the last 8 consecutive seasons ofMasters of Illusion. Naathan truly creates a one-of-a-kind family-friendly entertainment experience that you will never forget.Robert Ramirez has been a professional performer for over 15 years. Versatile in his skill, he boasts an impressive mastery of magic, singing, dancing, and acting.

From Broadway to TV appearances to live concert performances, Robert’s list of accomplishments exemplifies his wide berth of skill. He successfully fooled Penn Jillette and Teller of Penn & Teller: Fool Us not once, but twice, starred in the National Tour of In the Heights, and has performed with Lin Manuel Miranda (Hamilton, Encanto), Sally Struthers (All in the Family), Megan Mullally (Will and Grace), and Nick Offerman (Parks and Rec). In 2020, Robert made his Liberty Magic debut by tapping into Pittsburgh’s hearts and is eager to return this season.

Zabrecky in Turn on the Dark

Zabrecky in Turn on the Dark | Wednesday, June 5 – Sun, July 14, 2024

He is a five-time award winner at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, California. In 2011 and 2012 he was voted “Stage Magician of the Year,” in 2014 and 2015, “Parlour Magician of Year,” and most recently in 2017, “Lecturer of the Year.” He can also be seen in an impressive list of television and film roles, including a nice supporting role in Ryan Gosling’s directorial fantasy noir debut, “Lost River” in which he portrays his magic persona as the master of ceremonies at a fetish nightclub alongside Ben Mendelsohn and Christina Hendricks. Zabrecky’s career began as a musician while being the singer-songwriter and bassist for the Los Angeles group Possum Dixon, who released three albums on Interscope Records during the 1990s.

Henok Negash in Meant to Be

Henok Negash in Meant to Be | Wednesday, August 7 – Sunday, September 1, 2024

Many understand magic to be the art of mystery, but mystery does not stand alone; it comes with a qualifier. Is magic real? Let’s find out… There are many rooms in the house of mystery. There are rooms for perfect mysteries, powerful mysteries, comedic mysteries, and meaningful mysteries. Henok specializes in offering personalized mysteries; he is not looking for perfection but rather to forge a relationship and an understanding within the world of the incomprehensible.While most of us do our best to manage the outcomes of our lives, there are many instances which are beyond our control. Unplanned chance encounters, events that cannot be predicted. In his show, Meant to Be, Henok will take you on a journey highlighting those instances which cannot be explained and leave you with the feeling of magic. Illusions that explore themes of dating, marriage, trust, journaling, and experiences with universal relatability will be explored in Henok’s deeply personal and interactive magic show.

While on stage, Henok is a magician, mentalist, humorist, but most importantly he is an entertainer. Henok took up magic at the tender age of 12. Since then, he has performed in 5 countries spanning from France to Thailand, entertaining corporations, private parties, and nightclubs including The Hollywood Magic Castle. What makes Henok unique is how he seamlessly adapts to whatever environment he is placed in. Simply put, Henok understands how to communicate and relate to people.

2023-2024 Season Specials

Mr. Messado's School of Magic for the Young and Young at Heart

Mr. Messado’s School of Magic for the Young and Young at Heart

Sunday, January 8 – Sunday, August 27, 2023

Forget everything you know about magicians pulling rabbits out of top hats. Mr. Messado brings a fresh new take on the age-old art of prestidigitation. Join superstar magician Mr. Messado for his new astonishing play designed exclusively for Liberty Magic. Time tested through thousands of performances at appearances around the world, schools, company events, private parties and more, Mr. Messado’s Magic School for the Young and Young at Heart will have both teens AND adults amazed from start to finish! This 60 minute spectacular, featuring a combination of stunning magic and clean comedy, is full of interactive wonder. Whether it be shouting the magic words from the comfort of your seats or by coming up on stage to be trained as a magical assistant, every member of your party will actively participate throughout the show. Mr. Messado’s story begins on the TV screen of his grandmother’s Philadelphia living room where global stars like Michael Jackson and David Copperfield ignited a love for entertainment and storytelling. In this deeply personal, hilarious and engaging performance you’ll get to know the mister behind the magic, the rabble-rousing raconteur behind the cape, the magic mentor who is Mr. Messado.

This unique family friendly matinee takes place each Sunday at Liberty Magic, our one-of-a-kind intimate speakeasy with only 66 seats in 4 rows, typically reserved only for adults. Mr. Messado’s Magic School for the Young and Young at Heart is recommended for ages 8+. Little brothers and sisters 6 years and older can tag along. No tattletales, snitches, or cheats.

Joshua Messado started Messado Magic over 20 years ago at the Houdini’s magic theatre in Atlantic City, NJ. There he found his passion for performing and discovered the linking rings, which is now his signature effect. After Houdini’s, he co-owned a magic shop and theatre in Philadelphia, PA for several years. His career in magic led to national and international television appearances as seen on Wizard Wars with Penn and Teller, SyFy Channel (USA), Temple University TV (USA), Illusions of grandeur, OLN (Canada) and recently on Farid Magic 13, Pro7 (Germany). He’s performed at reputable theatres like the Magic Castle in Hollywood, Chicago Magic Lounge, and Monday Night Magic in New York. He is well equipped with stunning sleight of hand with comedic timing to amaze a wide variety of spectators: corporate shows, college market, resorts, celebrities, adults and children alike. References are ranging from TD Bank, Tropicana Casino to David Copperfield.

FAQ: Age Requirements. Kids 5 years of age and under won’t understand most of what is happening in this sophisticated magical play, and will probably start to wiggle in their seats because they don’t have the attention span to sit and watch


Performances are Wednesday through Sunday at the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s Liberty Magic venue located at 811 Liberty Avenue in the Cultural District.

Tickets at: https://trustarts.org/pct_home/events/series/liberty-magic/shows

Liberty Magic Season Tickets at: https://trustarts.org/flex_package/12907

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