South Park Theatre Presents ‘Lettice and Lovage’, Opening August 25

Lettice and Lovage at South Park Theatre explores themes of authenticity, tradition, and the power of friendship, all wrapped up in a humorous and heartwarming play written by Peter Shaffer, an English playwright known for works such as Amadeus and Equus.

The story centers around two main characters: Lettice Douffet and Lotte Schoen. Lettice Douffet is a flamboyant and imaginative woman who works as a tour guide at Fustian House, a historic but rather mundane stately home in England. She is known for embellishing the historical facts of the house to make the tours more interesting and engaging for visitors. However, her imaginative storytelling conflicts with the strict rules of her job, leading to her dismissal.

Lotte Schoen, a more traditional and conservative woman, works for the Preservation Trust, which aims to maintain historical accuracy and integrity. Lotte is sent to Fustian House to investigate Lettice’s embellishments and dismiss her. However, instead of dismissing her, Lotte becomes fascinated by Lettice’s lively imagination and the stories she tells. The two women form an unlikely friendship, and Lettice begins to teach Lotte about the beauty of creative storytelling and the importance of finding joy and excitement in life.

L-R: Joyce Miller as Lottie Schoen and Helga Helga Terre as Lettice Douffet

As the play progresses, Lettice and Lotte’s friendship grows, and they embark on a mission to make their lives more vibrant and meaningful. Lettice’s passion for historical drama and Lotte’s newfound appreciation for imaginative storytelling lead them to create fictional historical events and characters, culminating in an extravagant and humorous reenactment of a fictional trial from history.

L-R: Helga Terre, Joyce Miller, and John Reilly

The cast features Helga Terre, Joyce Miller, John E. Reilly, and Cristen Stephansky, and is directed by Art DeConciliis.


South Park Theatre’s production of Lettice and Lovage has performances from August 24 to September 9, 2023. Tickets at https://keystone.profiledevelopers.com/fmi/webd/Stellar%20Tickets

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