‘#UglyCry’ – an Interactive Night of Theater, Technology, and Resurrection of the Dead – Opens September 22 at Carnegie Stage

It is 2023, and technology is changing the way we honor, celebrate, grieve, and interact literally with the dead.

After the death of her ex-boyfriend, this grieving, social media-obsessed Millennial brings him back to life with her phone. Based on a true story.

From Off the Wall Productions: “Did y’all hear? Eric Anthamatten might be dead, but we are bringing him back. Yes, YOU! Duh, Katie Mack* can’t resurrect someone on her own, so she needs you and a LOT of cell phone service. I mean, what else do you do with one thousand hours of digital content?”

Unlike traditional theater-going experiences, #UglyCry is INTERACTIVE and IMMERSIVE.

What that means at #UglyCry is, “We cannot tell the story without you! We promise to do nothing to embarrass you, but we might ask you to be brave and interact with the set, the performer, and each other.”

All you need is your smartphone, yourself, and a sprinkle of grief.

So show up and keep those phones out and on because

This grieving girl is bringing Eric back to life!

This show works best –

  • if you use your phone.
  • if you know someone who has died.
  • if you’re a pretty crier.
  • if you’re a not-so-pretty crier.
  • if you play along.
  • if you snap the QR codes.
  • if you turn your sound off on your phone.
  • if you repost about it.
  • if you just assume that you are supposed to be here and not anywhere else.

*Katie MACK is a proud queer, sober, multi-award-winning writer/actor who has been writing and exploring the much-rebelled against question of bringing audience phones into the theater space since 2017. 

She owes her love of all things performance art and politics to falling through a table and then falling in love with Eric over twelve years ago.


Off the Wall Productions’ presentation of Katie Mack’s one-woman show, #UglyCry, has performances on select nights from September 22- October 14, 2023, at Carnegie Stage.

Created and performed by Katie Mack, Directed by Susanne McDonald, Co-creator – Technical Director: Janus Young

For tickets, go to: www.insideoffthewall.com

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