The Lindsay Welcomes ‘Doing Alright’ Nicole Travolta’s International One-Woman Show on September 14th

The Lindsay Welcomes ‘Doing Alright” Nicole Travolta’s International One-Woman Show Tour 

Nicole Travolta—actor, comedian, and impressionist—brings her internationally touring comedy show to The Lindsay Theater and Cultural Center (formerly Tully Family Theater) in an exclusive, one-night engagement on Thursday, September 14, at 7:30 p.m.

“We are fortunate that some of Nicole’s friends in Western PA convinced her to select The Lindsay for her first performance in Pennsylvania,” explains Carolina Pais-Barreto Thor, chief executive officer of the nonprofit cultural center. “Nicole just performed her show, Doing Alright, at the world-renowned Edinburgh Festival Fringe and promises to keep us entertained.” 

Travolta’s one-woman show is a searing account of life as a compulsive shopper who freed herself from spiraling debt, shame, a messy divorce, and the weight of a famous last name by a bizarre, real-life journey through the world of spray tanning. Surprisingly, it was a job she loved, and her impressions will introduce some of the eccentric characters she met to her audiences. (Travolta’s social media shares her impressions of Sex and the City characters Carrie Bradshaw and Samantha Jones, actors Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Coolidge, and disgraced Theranos leader Elizabeth Holmes.) 

Through humor, Travolta lightens issues such as debt, depression, divorce, addiction, and female empowerment—all of which Travolta has experienced first-hand. And she tells how this journey helped her find herself once more. 

“Sharing my personal highs and lows with total strangers at various theaters, now across the world, has been not only cathartic, but also healing,” Travolta says. “The outpouring of love from the different audiences has truly brought me to my knees. Being told that my story has not only made people laugh, but made them feel less alone in their own journey is an unbelievable feeling. I wanted audiences to feel like they were going through the chaos of my life with me in real time, and I believe we achieved this.” 

Co-written and directed by Lauren Burns, a well-known primary company member of LA’s legendary comedy improv The Groundlings, Doing Alright debuted with sell-outs at the Groundlings, then moved to Las Vegas and Scotland, with sights on New York and London. 

A Los Angeles Times review of Doing Alright notes Travolta “was incredibly honest and unafraid to talk about the aspects of money that are often considered taboo…. She coupled her best jokes with a discussion about her lowest moments. Throughout the show, Travolta admitted that she’s a work in progress, and for now, she’s doing all right.” 


Tickets are available at https://ticketing.useast.veezi.com/purchase/20133?siteToken=6avxdqr7sn7fr75807a5k307jm

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