Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning drama ‘Proof’ Opens at Iron Horse Theatre Company on October 13th

Set against the backdrop of a university town, David Auburn‘s Proof is the story of an enigmatic young woman, Catherine, her manipulative sister, their brilliant father, and an unexpected suitor. They are all pieces of the puzzle in the search for the truth behind a mysterious mathematical proof. 

Meghan Walsh as Catherine, Rick Bryant as Robert | Photo by Sarah Campbell

The young but guarded Catherine grieves over the loss of her father, a famous mathematician who had become a legend at the local university for solving complicated proofs and for suffering from dementia. Just as Catherine begins to give in to her fear that she, too, might suffer from her father’s condition, Catherine’s older sister Claire returns home to help “settle” family affairs, and Hal, one of the father’s former students, starts to poke around the house. What Hal discovers in an old speckle-bound notebook brings to light a buried family secret.

Catherine’s struggles to prove the authorship of a groundbreaking mathematical theorem test the sisters’ kinship and the romantic feelings growing between Catherine and Hal. She is caught in a web of doubt, trust issues, and strained family relationships. 

Sarah Brunner as Claire, Xander Boots as Hal, Meghan Walsh as Catherine Photo by Sarah Campbell

With its well-crafted characters and thought-provoking narrative, Proof takes the audience on an emotional journey of self-discovery and the quest for validation. It is a powerful exploration of the complexities of human relationships and the burden of intellectual heritage, ultimately asking the question: What is the cost of genius?

This poignant drama about love and reconciliation unfolds on the back porch of a house settled in a suburban university town, that is, like David Auburn’s writing, both simple and elegant.

Iron Horse Theatre Company‘s production of Proof is directed by Michele Donner with Meghan Walsh as Catherine, Sarah Brunner as Claire, Rick Bryant as Robert, and Xander Boots as Hal.


Performances are October 13, 14, 20, 21, 22, 27, and 28. All shows start at 7:30 pm except the Sunday matinee on October 22nd at 2:00 pm. 

Tickets: $20.00 / $18.00 for seniors (64+) and students, available at https://ironhorsetheatrecompany.ticketleap.com/proof/


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