barebones productions

“Dance Nation”

Patrick Jordan’s barebones productions hasn’t shied away from visceral drama, but it has its hands full with Dance Nation, Clare Barron’s smart, funny and insightful play about the many sides of adolescence. That stage of life when childhood slips away… Read More ›

Lobby Hero

Breakneck dialogue and shattering hearts take center stage in barebones productions latest show, Kenneth Lonegran’s Lobby Hero, a play which examines the banalities of four individuals’ working lives explode into emotionally enormities as they collide with one another. Set during… Read More ›


Legendary Pittsburgh actress Helena Ruoti is a tour de force as Paige in Hir, the genuinely modern yet dysfunctional family dramedy at the Barebones Black Box Theatre in Braddock. As you enter the theatre, there is stuff strewn about the… Read More ›

Rules of Seconds

Codes of honor have multitudinous iterations with a variety of names. Omerta for the Mafia. Bushido for Samurai. Courtly love for the softer-hearted knights of the Middle Ages. Regardless of the title or the culture, the codes center around ethics… Read More ›