Spring Preview 2019

A Letter from the Editor, Friends, we have finally staggered our way through the unforgiving winter, plagued with days of 20 hours of darkness and a massively disappointing awards shows. Yet, while the winter was mercurial and bleak, Pittsburgh in… Read More ›

In House

There is something so inherently simple about the deconstruction and even excoriation of an individual’s interior by following passages through rooms in the individuals’ personal space. How a person fills their space with their possessions; how a person uses their… Read More ›

What’s Missing?

What’s Missing is a show premised on imperfection, incompletion, dissatisfaction. The disembodied, mellifluous voice we hear as the two somber dancers begin their very calculated, yet very impassioned, tactile choreography. Over and over again, the disembodied voice urges that nothing… Read More ›