Resonance Works | Pittsburgh

Spring Preview 2019

A Letter from the Editor, Friends, we have finally staggered our way through the unforgiving winter, plagued with days of 20 hours of darkness and a massively disappointing awards shows. Yet, while the winter was mercurial and bleak, Pittsburgh in… Read More ›

A Joyous Sound

Effervescent, nostalgic, fresh and full of light, A Joyous Sound from Resonance Works | Pittsburgh is all that a delightful holiday gift should be. The company honors chorale traditions and stellar musicianship for this celebratory season midway through its sixth… Read More ›


Resonance Works gave the first of two performances of Antonín Dvořák’s Rusalka last night, and a fair-sized audience heard the work, or most of it, for the first time in Pittsburgh, well over a century after its premiere. Clever stage… Read More ›