Sunsum is Spirit opens virtually at the New Hazlett on Thursday, 4/29

Sunsum is Spirit is an immersive experience that combines original music with traditional and contemporary African dance, movement and storytelling. This surrealist performance captures a life-changing journey through pre-independence Ghana. Three travelers set out to capture a malevolent spirit, and are thrown into a whirlwind of supernatural encounters. They hear rumors of sudden disappearances and kidnappings in neighboring towns, but have no idea these are signs of a new and expanding commerce — the Atlantic slave trade.

Performance times:

Apr 29, 8:00pm, Apr 30, 11:00am and Apr 30, 8:00pm.

These  performance will be presented virtually via Crowdcast.

For a full preview visit https://recitalmag.medium.com/re-imagining-africa-pianist-samuel-boateng-dives-into-the-traditional-the-supernatural-and-the-b36c04fe3521

(Get tickets for the April 29 and 30 performances here.)

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