Treading Water – ATC’s First Livestream!

By Hallie Donner (ATC provided press release)

Something big is happening at Alumni Theatre Company  on Saturday, May 8th! A cast of ATC Young Artists will fearlessly take the stage and perform their original work LIVE from The Bill Nunn Black Box Theater. We are so excited for audiences from across the country to tune in and see this work unfold. Exploring topics like isolation, identity struggle, and fear of an uncertain future, this talented cast will have you glued to your screen as you follow their stories told through brilliant poetry, monologues, and scenes; incredible choreography; and spectacular vocal performances.

And to make it even more impressive, there are only FIVE members of this cast ranging in age from 12-15 years old. Each of them has written a 10-minute section of the production on a topic that was important to them. Here is some insight into each of their pieces.

Boaz Bey addresses finding and maintaining success as a young artist. He recognizes the amount of time, dedication, and hard work it takes to sustain a life as an artist and thinks about the sacrifices that may have to be made as a result. Bo hopes his piece will shine light on the courage and strength it takes to be an artist and make people think before they judge people in the entertainment business. Boaz decided to write this because he hopes to be in this business in the future and thought exploring these topics would help prepare him for that life.

Javier Drahnak wrote about feeling cut off from the rest of the world. He portrays going through confusing mood changes and dealing with all those clashing feelings. He wants viewers to realize that it is OK to take your time and feel all those feelings. Javier has appreciated the opportunity to develop a full piece for production, it has really helped him grow as an artist.

Nia Dupree has chosen to explore the topic of finding yourself as you are just entering the teen years. She decided to write this piece because she feels that she is reaching an age that the people in her life need to accept who she really is and not just who they want her to be. Nia wants viewers her age to understand that just because they may not be interested in following every trend, that doesn’t make them less cool – it just means they have different opinions. She encourages her peers that are watching not to change themselves to fit everyone else’s opinion of how they should live their lives.

Ryann Johnson tackles internal loneliness and how someone can look okay on the outside, when in reality, everything isn’t okay. She hopes to bring awareness to those who struggle with depression and feeling lonely. Ryann wants people to know that it’s okay to not be okay. Ryann feels that this project has really helped her grow as a writer.

Jordyn Walker’s piece reflects on a time when people felt more empowered to be themselves. Back in the day it was seems like it was easier to not follow the crowd and be different. Jordyn feels that it is important for people to be comfortable stepping outside of the box and that they know they will be supported when they do. She hopes her piece will make people feel proud of who they are. Jordyn wrote this piece because she often feels like she is struggling to fit in and just fully be who she was meant to be.

We really hope that YOU will join us on May 8th at 7PM. Get your ‘Pay What You Can’ ticket link at alumnitheatercompany.org

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