Welcome to onStage Pittsburgh

We hope you will find onStage Pittsburgh to be more readable and user-friendly as we ramp up more coverage and features on theater in our hometown. 

Be sure to check out the About onStage Pittsburgh page on the site for more details, a listing of writers and contributors, and more info.

Our social media accounts are switch to the On Stage Pittsburgh as well. Subscribers will receive our newsletter again under the onStage Pittsburgh banner each morning when new stories are posted.

We will keep our current Pittsburgh in the Round website and social media accounts active during October to insure you have time to change over to onStage Pittsburgh.

The current site will stay up as an archive of past material until we have inspected, cleaned, and migrated all of that content to an archival section of onStage Pittsburgh. 

Theater companies and producers: please send your press releases, new season announcements, and other material to our new e-mail address: info@onstagepittsburgh.com

Thank you for your continued support.

George Hoover – Editor

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