Adil Mansoor’s New Work ‘Amm(i)gone’ Explores Conflicting Experiences at the Kelly Strayhorn Theater

When was the last time you apologized to your mother? Or received an apology in return?

Kelly Strayhorn Theater presents the newest theater piece from creator and performer Adil Mansoor, Amm(i)gone, an adaptation of Sophocles’ Antigone, opening April 22 at KST’s Alloy Studios.

Amm(i)gone explores queerness, the afterlife, and obligation using canonical texts, teachings from the Quran, and audio conversations between Adil Mansoor and his mother. Since discovering his queerness, Mansoor’s mother has turned towards her faith in an attempt to save her son in the afterlife.

In an effort toward healing, Mansoor has invited his mother to join him as dramaturg and co-conspirator. “I started with a desire to include my mom in my artistic practice and have discovered a process that is encouraging my mom and me to embrace our full selves with one another. Amm(i)gone is a lecture performance attempting to reconcile with my conflicting experience as a theater artist, queer educator, and momma’s boy,” states Mansoor.

In reading, discussing, and translating various adaptations of the source play, they combine Greek tragedy, Islamic traditions, and their own memories to create an original performance locating love across faith.

“Antigone is about God, family, government, and making impossible decisions for love. It provides an interesting canvas for my mother and me to initiate a dialogue. I was drawn to Antigone’s relationship with her sister, Ismene. In the first scene of the play, the conflict erupts from how much these two sisters love each other. Their disagreement stems from a desire to care for one another. Their struggle against an impossible situation is a really dynamic place for my mom and me to begin our conversation,” said Mansoor.

“With Amm(i)gone, I am working to center my own queer, Muslim, and intersecting experience. I believe the work resonates with anyone who has loved someone with resoundingly different beliefs. I realize that because of my mother’s beliefs, it is improbable that she will ever see this work. However, I am working diligently to create something she would struggle to hate.”

The Amm(i)gone creative team also features Lyam B. Gabel as co-director. Amm(i)gone includes an original song composed by Shahzad Ismaily and Aya Abdelaziz.

Amm(i)gone performances begin Friday, April 22 at 8:00pm and continues April 23, 24, 27, 29 & 30 at KST’s Alloy Studios.

Pricing is Pay What Moves You, a sliding scale of accessible price points to welcome all to enjoy the arts. Tickets are now on sale at https://kelly-strayhorn.org or can be purchased in person at the event.

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